Desmond Morris: The view from David Attenborough’s window

A short taster clip from our interview with Desmond Morris. Want to see more? We launch the full interviews of both Desmond and Sir David Attenborough on Sunday 8th May, on The Open University OpenLearn public platform Creative Climate: Earth in Vision. Desmond and David have been lifelong friends, and we offer these as a celebration of over six decades of their ground breaking work in natural history broadcasting. Over the coming weeks we will be launching some thirty filmed interviews with a range of natural history and environment programme makers. Enjoy!

As if he needs any introduction? Desmond Morris is an English zoologist, ethologist, broadcaster and author. He has a zoology degree from the University of Birmingham and a Doctorate from the University of Oxford on the reproductive behaviour of the ten-spined stickleback. In the 1950s he present Zoo Time on Granada ITV, and in the 1960s he wrote and presented the programme Life in the Animal World for BBC2. Morris brought animal behaviour to television audiences, as opposed to simply showing live animals in studio settings, where behaviour was difficult to capture. He returned to television in the late 1970s with a series The Human Race, which went beyond the traditional notion of animal behaviour to look at human behaviour.

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