Presenting the Presenters!


Hyperlink TV

Exciting news! For the last few years the Earth in Vision team have been producing films of our interviews with a range of natural history and environment themed programme makers. We have had the pleasure of hearing from the early innovators to digital native newcomers, from presenters we know and love, to the behind the scenes teams of producers and camera crew. The first of these interviews will be posted online this Sunday 8th May to mark Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday and will serve as our contribution to the celebrations of his sixty year life on air. To kick off, we have Sir David himself, and his life-long friend and fellow natural history and animal behaviour presenter, Desmond Morris. As Desmond reminisces, they met back in the 50s, when he was presenting Zoo Time on ITV and David was presenting Zoo Quest on BBC. Although their bosses didn’t want them to meet, they had dinner and found a shared sense of humour that cemented their friendship. They had after all shared the challenge of presenting animals within the studios for live television transmissions. Want to hear more?
These, will be the first of a unique collection of some 30 interviews we have filmed with the help of an experienced natural history film making crew. These Earth in Vision project interviews will be freely available to view on the Open University’s public facing website OpenLearn, under the Nature and Environment section called Creative Climate.

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