Broadcast archives & ebooks at i-Docs 2016

i-Docs Presentation

We were excited to be at this year’s i-Docs symposium, a stimulatiing forum of emerging practices and ideas in the field of interactive documentary and digital story telling. Presenting with Alison Kahn, of Moving by Design Press  we used our session  to give an overiew of the Earth in Vision project and the emerging ebook and associated methodolgy.  One aim was to explore how the i-Docs community might use digital broadcast archives (DBAs), and how ebooks talk to i-Docs, perhaps as a more authroued and portable i-Docs platform.  In her discussion of methodolgy, Alison explained how she draws on the traditional museum model for the ebook, where chapters are envisioned as the typical Gallery spaces of museums, in which the artefacts are displayed and lead the work, arranged on the ‘walls’ (pages) of the ‘room’ (book).

We will post tasters from our ebook work as we proceed.



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