Dream Tools

dream tool c CB

                                          (c) Chris Bonfiglioli 2014

We have been running workshops to think through who will use Digital Broadcast Archives (DBAs) and how, to what tools will they need, and how DBAs might impact upon the way users engage with and act on environmental change issues. We have held workshops at the Bristol i-Docs festival, the Belfast ESRC social science festival, The Open University Student Association conference and the Knowledge Management Institute, Wolfson College, Cambridge, Denbigh School, Milton Keynes; and with our project Advisory Board.

As a first step, we can think about the kinds of computing tools we are familiar with in the new context of DBAs: what works well, what could be developed or improved, what is too clunky. For example familiar navigation tools can be refined to the needs of broadcast archives, taking the viewer to specific moments in a programme via key words and a time-coded transcription. Through engagement with broadcasters, filmmakers, media professionals, archivists, environmentalists, IT professionals, academics, museum curators, school pupils, students and the general public, we are building a complex picture around how people want to work with these materials and their different user needs and desired tools. We’ve also had fun exploring the power and creative opportunities of using archive broadcasts, and participants are re-thinking how they use/could use DBAs.

What are our Dream Tools?
A more creative challenge is to think about what new tools we might create – what are our dream tools of the future. This is a science fiction exercise, which might be approached by thinking from uses to tools, or for example taking a Charlie Brooker Black Mirror approach, thinking just one or two steps beyond what is currently possible. Remember Word Perfect? Or seen The Imitation Game? How did we go from there to the kinds of office programs and computers we use today? What are the computing tools of the future that are hard for us to dream up today? Whose imagination can be brought to these?

Get In Touch!
In the spirit of co-production, we’d like as many creative minds on these questions as we can get. Let us know if you’d like to attend an Earth in Vision workshop, or to organise holding one of our workshops at your event/organisation.

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